About Grace Baptist Church

Church SignOn July 7, 1971, a group of concerned Christians met at the home of Leonard Disspain for a prayer meeting.

HC Newberry and Frank Welshan made a motion to establish a local church. Initially called Maranatha Bible Church, the small group acquired the Episcopal Church property at the corner of Washington & 6th St. in July of the same year.

The first Pastor was Rev. Albert Gentry. Our first radio broadcast was heard on WCPH & WYXI in 1972. In the first year of operation there were sixty one souls that came to know The Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour.

The name was changed in February, 1974 to Grace Baptist Church of Etowah. In April, 1977 the church acquired our current location at 517 Washington Avenue. Since that time there has been an emphasis on preaching and teaching the King James Bible, Rightly Divided (2 Tim.2:15), to a lost and dying world.

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About Grace Baptist Church:

Our Vision

Our Vision and desire is that everyone, everywhere will come to a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

We will fulfill our Vision by preaching the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ as the only hope for mankind;
by expanding our reach to the lost and dying to the regions beyond, and by teaching the Word of
God Rightly Divided such that we know how to live in this present, evil world.